A collection of text and photos

This New Home

This new home is clean, shiny and even has bits of coral strewn around. Will this home last longer than the last one? Or will I decide in a few short weeks/months that I don’t like it and move on?

I don’t know.

But a few things give me hope this time:

  • I am no longer in charge of the plumbing and utilities here. Normally, this is not a good thing. But now, I am actually enjoying myself living in a space rather than worrying about leaky pipes and voltage fluctuations.

  • I seemed to have regained somewhat my capacity and confidence to put together thoughts that are more than just a small paragraph.

  • This new place is also a social network which makes it feel like not only are you in a library reading and writing, but when you feel like taking a break and step out, there are a bunch of nice people hanging out near the porch to talk to.

The Masonry

The site now lives on the excellent Micro.blog platform and its paid hosting plan. Underneath, M.b’s hosting is driven by the static site serving prowess of Hugo. The previous version of this site was built on Hugo, so when the time came, it was a no-brainer to switch.

The design is based off an existing one that M.b offers. One of my goals this time was to not spend hours and hours tweaking things, but write more.

The Interiors

I did agonise (nothing new here) over the typography. I desperately wanted to use IBM’s brilliant Plex family, but that meant welcoming Google Fonts’ tentacles. After a few days of mulling over it, I just went with the simple, straight, system only stack. With one concession. If you are on a newish macOS or iOS release, you get served the lovely Seravek. It is distinct and whimsical enough but not too distracting that it makes reading difficult.

There are just two colours through out. A darkish grey-blue as the primary and Pantone’s colour of the year 2019, Coral as the accent.


Because of the way M.b works, with its seamless sharing across many places, almost everything that I will be (already am) sharing online gets posted here first. This will be a place of record (for however long it lasts), so it will force me to read and curate better.

There is a now page. I hope to keep it updated as much as possible, mostly as a frame of reference and todo list for myself.